Have You Sealed Your Concrete Driveway?
Mother nature is coming soon and will try to destroy it!







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The driveway is a large and prominent part of your home's exterior.
Concrete sealing is essential maintenance!

Damge to your home’s driveway is not only unsighly, and costly to replace-it can cost you more in lost curb appeal if left unprotected as well. 

  • Concrete is porous and needs to be sealed from water and chemical penetration
  • Winter temperatures and precipitation combine to attack your concrete driveway
  • Freeze-thaw will contract and expand the water tearing apart your driveway
  • Salt and De-ice chemicals applied to roads end up on your driveway aggrevating damage


Cleaning the concrete is a nice touch, but really a byproduct of our concrete sealer application.  Our method of installation is quite different from tradional sealer applications since our sealer is applied WET!

Another important distinction between our sealer installation and other sealers is that our protection is INTERNAL, and won’t flush out of the concrete.  We are not a coating application, that merely sits on top of the concrete and is worn away by the elements.

A single application goes on wet, and goes down into the depths of the concrete and typically penetrates 1-3″ with the quantity applied.  Concrete porosity does vary, but penetration has been documented with out product to 14″!  Of course your driveway is likley only 4″ thick.


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We are first come, first served as we never know when mother nature ends our season!

We make it easy to protect your concrete driveway

Contact Us for a concrete evaluation of your driveway

Let our experts come out and evaluate your need or eligibility to be sealed. We can meet with you and go over your driveway together and answer your questions

We determine need & suitabilty for your concrete sealing projects

Since 2006 we have protected concrete and know trends and histories like nobody else in Kansas City. We will not seal concrete if it's too far gone!

Project bid and agreements

We will let you know the total (including taxes) of your project on the spot. You may determine at that time if you'd like to proceed, or sleep on it if you wish. We do not pressure you into any decision!

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Get Scheduled

Once you have determined that we are the company using the product you desire, call or email us to get scheduled. We will arrive on the scheduled date as long as weather and temperatures co-operate. First Come-First Served!

Concrete Driveway Sealed!

Your driveway will be sealed on the day specified (barring weather issues) Typical installations take approximately 1.5 hours

Ready for use in 1 hour

After installation is complete, you may return it to use in about 1 hour. No waiting a day or two like with other concrete sealers.

Don't let your concrete driveway get destroyed!

Standard driveways can easily cost $8000-10,000+ to tear out and replace for standard sized driveways.  Not to mention all the inconvinience and other costs like landscaping, permits, and incoveniences.

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More About Our Concrete Sealing Process

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Don't Let This Happen

Damage Cannot Be Repaired

If you have this type of damage (ASR) your only option is to replace.

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Don't Let This Happen

ugly Damage Can be Stopped

This type of damage (scaling) can be stopped but NOT repaired.  The damage has been done.







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Frequently asked questions

Concrete is a porous material, that few actually think about until it’s too late!  Water soaks into the concrete and you don’t really realize it.  Then, in the winter months freezing temperatures, freeze the water and make it expand, by 9% when frozen.  This act of nature tears apart your concrete driveway.

Our sealer works by being applied WET.  We powerwash the concrete driveway, and force water, under pressure into the existing concrete.

2 coats of our sealer are then appled to the driveway with an airless sprayer at 90 degree angles. 

The sealer then follows the water and works its way into the concrete finding and filling the voids.  Then it reacts with the alkalinity of the concrete and creates a gel.

The gel disallows the migration of water after its installed and will not flush out of the concrete.

Essentially, its like caulking all the voids and holes in you concrete shut INTERNALLY, so water cannot get into the concrete.

If you drive your vehicles in inclimate weather (snow and ice) like most of us do.  You will acquire a build up of these chemicals on your vehicle.  They will then bring those damaging chemicals onto your driveway.

While salt and de-icers double the rate of expansion of water, they also allow it to penetrate the concrete while temperatures are below freezing as well.

The chemicals will then combine with mositure to attack you concrete during the freeze/thaw cycles that will occur later.

It really depends on the type of sealer that you choose.  With our application, you’ll likely never need to re-seal.  With other products, you generally get coverage in the 1-3 year area.  This varies widely with product type and amount applied.  There are other concrete sealers that also last 5 years available.  

A few reason but the most important that this is an INTERNAL concrete sealer application and therefore the elements cannot get into the concrete to wear it away or off.  Addtionally it cannot be power washed out of the concrete once installed.

Continuously produced in the United States since 1995, and we have installed in the Kansas City market since 2006.

Our product was invented in 1985 and has been continuously produced by the same family/inventor in the Dallas, TX area.  MADE IN THE USA!

We are authorized to install and the ONLY outside company ever allowed to train and certify other installers in the United States.

We have continously installed this product in Kansas City since 2006.

Unfortunately the average homeowner does not have the proper equipment to properly install this sealer.  

The warranty is only given when the application is installed by a trained installer as well.

Therefore, we do not sell the product to be installed by a homeowner.

A normal installation of 1000-1300 SF (a standard sized application typically takes 1-1.5 hours to clean and seal the driveway.  This would also include a sidewalk and porch, which is alos typically chosen by the homeower to seal as well.

Under most weather conditions that we install, you should be able to return to use an hour after completion.

While the sealer is actually working into the concrete for 48-72 hours after application.  Driving on or precipitation on the driveway or other concrete surface will not casue damage.

Because the sealer is internal there is no waiting time for a seal to dry or cure on the surface.

While this application does strengthen concrete by up to 30% we DO NOT guarnatee your concrete will not crack.

Cracks are due to settlement, tree roots, other voids, or improper installation of saw cuts or expansion joints typically.

Driveways do not have footings, and simply sit on the ground.  So driveways are subject to the expansion and contraction of the clay soils that are in our area.